Sunday Savers – Spot a Healthy Food in 3 Seconds

September 12th, 2010

The FDA (the people who brought you the label in the first place) have a little explaining to do, so that’s just what they do in this great link that explains the nutritional label and how to use it.

In the meantime, here’s a three-second way to spot a healthy food (from Parenting magazine, a likely place to find something like this because what crazy busy mom can take more than three seconds to do anything).

  1. Flip over the package. Don’t pay attention to the eye candy claims on the front.
  2. Zero in on the serving size and calories, trans fats (ideally, there are none), saturated fats (less than 2grams), and sodium (less than 120 mg).
  3. Eyeball the ingredients. It should be short (and not sweet), with whole foods (think apples, oats, tomatoes, whatever you would see in its whole form in other parts of the grocery store). If you see food dyes, sugar or white flour at the top, think twice before buying it.

Do you read labels?

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