Tuesday Newsday – September Home Checklist

September 21st, 2010

Since I’ve been in serious autumn mode, I decided to search for ideas on getting our home ready for the winter. I believe in being prepared, especially since we live in New England. Read: fall is so beautiful because it’s just a precursor to the nasty winter.

Call me a squirrel. I’ve been called worse. Maybe even by you.

I found this great checklist on maintaining your home for the seasonal transition. You know, now that you have some extra time since the kids are in school (Huh? Time? What time? She’s in school but errands aren’t in school, work isn’t in school, grocery shopping isn’t in school…OK, I’m done…Just thought it was stupid how they alluded that you have more time because your kids are in school).  Here it is. Squirrel away.

Ever wake up in early September and notice that the air smells different? School begins, days get shorter, and a sense of responsibility begins to creep up on most of us. We’ve always wondered why “fall cleaning” isn’t as popular as “spring cleaning.” The air on brisk September mornings inspires us to dutifully button up the home in preparation for cooler days and longer nights. Read more…

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