Fab Friday – Quick Way to Depuff Swollen Allergy Face

September 17th, 2010

There’s ZERO way to be fabulous this Friday. Ragweed has made my eyes a swollen mess, my head a swollen air bubble, and my nose something out of a Rocky Balboa punch.

My friend from @BeautyBind on Twitter, Jillian Hurley, has a great way to combat puffy allergy face.

Fill an ice cube tray with apple juice and freeze. Rub the “apple cube” on the swelling (be careful not to get it into your eyes). The coolness in the cube reduces the swelling, while the acid in the fruit juice increasing circulation and exfoliates too.

Do you have any great tricks to helping allergies?

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One Response to “Fab Friday – Quick Way to Depuff Swollen Allergy Face”

  1. allergy dad says:

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