Easy Peasy Gets Dirty – Quick Stain Removal

August 19th, 2010

I think I have one white shirt. For real. Except it’s not white really. It’s yellow. Which would explain why I have one white shirt.

I once had more. But for some reason, mustard would find me. Even though I don’t like mustard, I don’t really use mustard, there’s always a friggin’ mustard stain on my sleeve or on the front of my collar. Where does it come from? Why is it there? Why isn’t it ketchup? I don’t know the answers.  The main question is, why can’t I keep a white shirt white?

Stains pop up quickly. And it’s best to fight them just as quickly. I asked a few people what their favorite quick solution was for stain-fighting on-the-go…

According to Carolyn West, Bon Ami’s VP and Director of Sustainability, you must know your stain to clean your stain. Although laundry products aren’t on Bon Ami’s roster yet, with a nine-year-old boy and an active life, West has plenty o’ experience cleaning stains.

“Most stains respond to only certain type of removers. Blood and grass stains from a slide on the soccer pitch are protein-based stain and respond to a protein-based stain remover,” she says. “On the other hand, an olive oil splash from the salad bowl needs an oil-based cleaner.”

Her most awesome cleaning solution: “The worst stain I ever had was fresh tomato on my white jeans. No cleaner would remove the stain. Then someone recommended sunlight. I put the pants in the sun for a few hours, and the stain was gone!”

Here’s what Easy Peasy readers had to say. Let’s get dirty, people.

The “Isn’t It Ironic, Don’t Cha Think” Award: Bill O. – White wine poured on spilled red wine prevents stains.

The “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Award: Kristy H. – Peanut butter gets out gum (especially from hair), but don’t ask how I know that.

The Tried & True Award: Jennifer P. – I still use hairspray to remove ink – even Sharpie.

The About Face Award: Rachel S. – Olay Regenerist Face Cloths take stains out of everything.

The Germ Fighter Award: Katherine W. – Purel hand sanitizer will take permanent marker off of countertops…wonder if it would work magic on clothes?

The Big Hug Award: Adina B. – Huggies Natural Care Wipes can quickly get stains out of table cloths, clothing, and some furniture.

The Killer Solution Award (tie): Lisa K. -  Peroxide for blood stains; Megan M. – Your own saliva will get out your own blood stains.

Thanks to all who went on this mission to help me stay clean in a pinch. What’s your favorite quick stain trick? Let me know!

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