Gone Fishin’…or Readin’, in this case

August 22nd, 2010

I’ve been cleaning. I’ve been scouring. My daughter is neatly pressed. The bedsheets have had their hair neatly combed. Even the dog is squeaking with clean (either that or she swallowed her mouse toy again).

Why you ask, this sudden need to be so close to God in the cleanliness factor. My MIL (that’s Mother In Law for all the non-married set) is sleeping in the bed downstairs. She came in last night from across the country. She’s the sweetest woman on the planet (this must be true, since now would be the time for badmouthing…you see, she doesn’t read EasyPeasy…not because she thinks badly of it or isn’t supportive…she’s just not online…I know…Last person standing without a home computer or cell phone, bless her heart). She would never ever judge the condition of our home. But still I feel it’s only right to make this place relatively spotless.

This means I’m taking today off. No Sunday Savers on EasyPeasy. Instead, I’m going to “save” me with a long wake-up shower and a good read on the back porch. I’ll move only when she gets up and I have to make an amazing breakfast (four food groups, freshly churned homemade butter, my own milled oats, handpicked apples from the orchard, etc). Sidenote: God bless that three-hour jetlag time cushion which probably means a late wakey wakey.

Those of you with family guests who stay with you for extended visits (especially MILs) know what I’m staring down the barrel of. So I’m sure you’ll respect my need to go sit and read a book. This will be the last time for a while I get to go do something on my own in my house.

So enjoy the day. I’ll be back on Tuesday with the news. That is unless I’m busy baking my husband a nutritious wheat bread from scratch. Cuz that’s what good wives do. We bake.

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2 Responses to “Gone Fishin’…or Readin’, in this case”

  1. Kate says:

    Don’t forget to make the homemade yogurt, too.


    (Also: Good luck, kiddo.)

  2. Cheryl says:

    no, don’t really iron my sheets. underwear, now that’s a different story. :)

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