basq in the Glory of Being Cool

August 12th, 2010

Remember when you were cool. I mean, like really chilly. Pinky Tuscadero cool. SATC cool. Leather jacket, sunglasses, heels…too cool for school, daycare or anything other form of organized childhood education.

Then you became a mom. Then you became hot. But I don’t mean MILF (although there are glimpses of that sometimes). It began with pregnancy hot flashes and those heavy, swollen throbbing legs. Then the baby is born and there’s that awful temperature control issue with your breasts during breastfeeding (or was this just me…my boobs were big giant globes of fire…yes, I had sun boobs). The baby gets bigger, starts to walk, and then you’re sweating because the entire day is a race of some sort.

Like I said. Hawt.

I found a way to be cool again. basq (a great NYC company) makes an Energizing Body Lotion and Cooling Cucumber Tea Eye Gel that let you chill. Sold separately or as part of the Bounce Back Kit, they both impart a tingling cooling sensation–perfect for fatigued and achy shoulders and legs, sleepy and puffy eyes.

basq began as a labor of love of two moms in 2005 and has grown to a luxury skin care collection with a pretty cool celebrity following: Heidi Klum, Marcia Cross, Sheryl Crow, to name a few. Because they make products for every phase of your life (think pre-baby, baby and every day care), it’s possible to hang on to your coolness throughout any stage of being a woman.

As a nice gift to all those moms, moms-to-be and any woman who could use a cooldown in the summertime, basq is offering you, the EasyPeasy reader, 20% off of their products. Just enter EasyPeasy20 into the checkout section, and you’re on your way to being the coolest woman on the block. That is until your neighbor gets that Stella & Jamie studded motorcycle jacket you’ve been coveting. Can’t help ya there, sister.

(This is a paid endorsement.)

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2 Responses to “basq in the Glory of Being Cool”

  1. So glad you love this brand as much as I do!

  2. Brooke Sorensen says:

    I LOVE basq! I discovered basq during pregnancy. My skin looked and felt better than it ever had before, so I have continued to use the products after pregnancy. I recommend it to all of my friends, pregnant or not and they all love basq.

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