Tuesday Newsday – No Sweat Ways to Burn Calories

July 6th, 2010

Hey Mom Nature, what’s with this heat wave? When it reaches 100 degrees today, you can just go ahead and shoot me.

The A/Cs are working over time, and I don’t feel like working at all. As for working out? Not a chance today. How’s that for taking things easy peasy. Just don’t do it.

Wrong. At least not in this case. You can still exercise without actually exercising. Here are 50 no-sweat ways to burn calories. Think chewing gum, laughing really loudly, taking a nap. To me, that sounds like the best workout ever.

Women with great bodies have a dirty little secret. Sure, they work out and eat well — but they also sneakily burn hundreds more calories than everyone else. From the outside, they don’t seem to be doing anything particularly strenuous. “You wouldn’t believe how many straightforward ways there are to burn calories,” says Lauren Slayton, director of foodtrainers.net. “But it’s easy to miss the opportunities if you’re not looking for them.” Read more…

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