Fab Fridays – Quick Guide to Caring for Your Hair Texture

July 23rd, 2010

It’s time to set the record straight. All hair is not created equal; therefore, it shouldn’t be treated equal. Wasn’t that in the Constitution or something? Maybe it was the Declaration of Independence. Not sure. I was absent that day at school. Anyway…

“Knowing your own hair texture and the current healthy of your hair is the next step in realizing what styling options you have,” says celebrity stylist Dickey, founder of NY-based Hair Rules Salon and Line.

Here are the four main hair textures and Dickey’s guide to caring for them:

  1. Kinky: This type grows in densely packed, tight zigzag formation. It’s deceptively fragile, according to Dickey, since the more coiled the hair shaft, the more fragile the hair. Therefore, this texture needs extra TLC. He recommends not washing it every day but still giving it plenty of hydration to avoid shrinkage. Sulfate shampoos that won’t strip hair of needed sebum. (Try TIGI Bed Head Superstar Sulfate-Free Shampoo for Thick Massive Hair) “Styling with a moisturizing product will help define tresses and banish frizz,” he adds.
  2. Curly: Spirally and loopy, this texture has a defined S-pattern. “It can be denser with tons of strands, fine and light, coarse and ropy, or soft and springy,” explains Dickey. “It grows in a coil rather than a wave because the cuticle layers don’t lie as flat as those of wavy hair.” Moisture is always the key with curly hair, so daily deep conditioning (think leave-in) is the way to go. Curl-lovers, try the Queen of Curl’s Ouidad Curl Essentials Starter Kit.
  3. Wavy: Wavy hair also has an S-pattern, but lies closer to the head. “It can be described as fine, flexible texture with lots of buoyant light curls or thicker, loosely defined waves.” Use a gentle shampoo to remove product build-up so waves don’t get weighed down. For styling, Dickey suggests a lightweight, non-greasy styling cream to naturally set the hair without leaving residue (Try Hair Rules Wavy Mousse)
  4. Straight: “All straight isn’t created equal,” says Dickey. Avoid heavy conditioner that will make hair look greasy. Choose light conditioners that hydrate but don’t flatten it down. Try a finishing cream to give hair a shine. (Try Frederic Fekkai Coiff Magnifique Ultra-Light Finishing Creme)
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