Tuesday Newsday – The Dumbest Women’s Products Ever

July 13th, 2010

If I had the time to sit around and invent something, I would like to think that I would invent something awesome. Like Post-its.

These people in this HuffingtonPost.com piece didn’t invent something awesome. Behold, the dumbest women’s products ever. A kangaroo vest for holding your baby, a booty bumper, even earrings that resemble Paris Hilton’s hair extensions. I have nothing more to say, people.

Ladies have fallen prey to bunk marketing ploys hundreds of times before. Hopefully though, not many ladies have fallen for these ridiculous products targeted at women. Most of these claim to solve problems which no one asked to be solved, like the Pikaru baby carrier for example (How could women ever figure out how to wear a fleece vest and Baby Bjorn at the same time?!). Take a look for yourself and vote on which of these products could be potentially useful, and which are just downright ridiculous (razor/vibrator combo, we’re looking at you). Read more…

Did the list leave anything out? What’s the dumbest women’s product you’ve ever seen on the market?

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One Response to “Tuesday Newsday – The Dumbest Women’s Products Ever”

  1. Matt says:

    I nearly choked while perusing this on Kerry’s computer this morning. Fantastic link!!! Who wouldn’t want their wife/girlfriend walking around in some sweet ThongPants?!?!?! Equally great is the Dumbest Men’s Products list from the same site.

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