Tuesday Newsday – 365 Days in One Dress

June 1st, 2010

I often thought about pairing down my wardrobe. Maybe to just a few favorite things. OK, I couldn’t even continue that without laughing out loud (ROFLMAO, as the kids say these days).

But what if…what if you had the simplicity of just wearing the same thing over and over again. One New Yorker did just that. But instead of making it simple and carefree, she made it simply beautiful and full of caring. This May marked her 365th day in one dress.  Here’s her story.

One outfit at a time, Sheena Matheiken was determined to make a change. She sported a simple, tunic-style dress for not one, two or three days. She did it for 365 days in a row.

The New York resident gave herself the fashion challenge of reinventing the same black dress. She did it by adding colorful tights, funky shoes and patterned tops, all donations from eco-friendly designers, thrift shops and mail-in leftovers from strangers. Her outfits varied. Some were random, others organized; some bright, others muted; some classic, others modern. For example, she dressed as an intergalactic goth mermaid one day. The next, she became a modern hippie adorned with a floral bandana and cutout tights.

Matheiken completed her yearlong Uniform Project this month; the effort started a year ago to raise money for the The Akanksha Foundation. The foundation is a nonprofit helping children in India’s slums attend schools. She raised enough money to send 233 children to school for a year. Read more…

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