Post-Workout Hair Care – 5 Minutes to Beauty

June 17th, 2010

It’s not necessarily my fantastic body that tells you I’ve been to the gym. It’s really more obvious by my hair. The mess that it is. It’s usually flat on the top, with this ridiculous built-in shelf half way down (I knew my head was warped but with every post-workout hair tie taken off, it’s a physical reality).

With barely time to hit the gym, never mind hitting the showers afterward, the rush back to wherever you’re going (work, home, etc) doesn’t usually allow for a leisurely wash, fluff and fold of your quoif. So here are four quick steps to five-minute après workout hair (minus the water and wait).

Step 1: Product

Spritz 4-6 pumps of spray gel onto the top layers of dry strands. Use a gentle water-based formula (it should be the first ingredient), since some ingredients can leave your hair heavier than when you started.

Step 2: Heat

Wrap sections of hair around a round brush, rolling up to an inch from the scalp. Hold a hairdryer on the section for 10 seconds. The air will also help dry excess sweat on the scalp.

Step 3: Cool

Leave hair wrapped around the brush for a few seconds to cool. To preserve volume, unwind strands with your fingers rather than pulling them through the brush.

Step 4: Tousle

Hold the dryer approximately 6 inches from the ends and flick your wrist as you blow-dry. End with a quick tousle.

As for that lovely ridge, I’ve discovered pulling my hair into a high ponytail and securing with a fabric holder instead of a tight elastic. Sure I look like a Valley Girl circa 1983. But all that tress distress was enough to gag me with a spoon, so I totally had to do something.

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3 Responses to “Post-Workout Hair Care – 5 Minutes to Beauty”

  1. Julie Q says:

    great ideas!! will def attempt to try some of them next time :)

  2. Oh what fun..I am 42 and I loved your whole presentation, give us more more more. I remember back in my childhood all the different hairstyles that we had available to us. The curls, oh the Farrah look was so hot. Thanks for great post

  3. I found some pictures of great looking summer hairstyles. Really, take a look at summer’s best hairstyles from Damien Carney, celebrity hairstylist. Now, if only Joico will show us girls the secrets of the trade. Contact me if you want to get them and post them on your fashion blog.

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