Ole Henriksen Saves You a Spa Trip

June 10th, 2010

I’m not sure it’s a good thing if someone gives you an excuse to not go to the spa. That’s like saying, “I’m going to save you from this chocolate mousse by eating it all myself.” Gee. Thanks. You’re the best.

But if you don’t have the time to make it to the spa (who does, really), skin care guru Ole Henriksen told me a great saltwater soak perfect for treating tired and fatigued muscles. You know…the kind of tired muscles that come from the gym or a toddler or sitting at a desk all day or a toddler or a hike or a toddler.

Blend a pint of epsom salts into a warm tub of water, add a half ounce of eucalyptus essential oil and three ounces of almond oil and stir. The natural fats from the almond oil will help restore and protect your skin’s surface, making it soft to the touch. Allow the eucalyptus aroma to blanket around you and breathe in its soothing scent. Don’t forget to roll a warm hand towel (quick tip: pop it in the microwave for 10 second intervals) under your neck, so you can soak comfortably.

And put down that Ipod. There’s nothing wrong with putting on some tranquil music, but Ole explained to me that a little quiet time might be even better. “We don’t always need to have an iPod stuck in our ears. As human beings, we have a need for peace and quiet,” he says. “So much creativity flows and so many answers come to us in those moments of quiet.” Instead light some candles to create a calming ambiance.

If there’s a kid in your mix, you might need to consider a bribe to win some quiet time. I’m thinking how many licks does it take to get to the bottom of a Tootsie Roll Pop…about as long as it takes mommy to relax in the tub for a while.

What are some of your at-home spa treatments? Share with us in a comment below.

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