Fab Fridays – You Wear Short Shorts

June 11th, 2010

When I saw that shorts were one of the big trends this season, I actually laughed out loud. I laughed, then I might have cried. Shorts? I can’t wear shorts, I thought to myself (or screeched to the dog…I’m a very passionate person and she’s the only one who’ll listen calmly as I scream and pump my fists in anger to the sky about some inane topic).  Shorts are for the beach. For the gym. For little kids who run and skip and play and fall and skin their knees.

Well, I’m wrong (once again…fists fly to the sky). Shorts are the new mini-skirts. They’re everywhere–with blazers and wedge heels for a put-together day look; at night, it’s sequins galore with cropped jackets and booties. But now that I’ve calmed down, I’ve changed my tune. They’re really quite easy to wear and very feminine. Not so scary at all.

So after you’re worked on your tan (faux only, if you please), gotten rid of the bumpy stuff and toned those fabulous legs of yours, here are some quick guidelines on how to wear shorts this season. Every woman can wear them. And if your heels aren’t too high, you might not even fall and skin your knee.

Dallin Chase Black Sequin 'Sebastian'

If You’re Petite

  • Stick with small prints or patterns.
  • For nighttime glam, try subtle shimmer to flatter. Leave big sequins to big girls.
  • Bright hues can add dimension to amp up your frame.
  • Slim cuffs create delicate accents.

Topshop Floral Pleat Shorts

If You’re Boyish

  • A girlie print (like flowers) can add curves.
  • Bloomer styles, which gather at the bottom, add a new dimension.
  • Luxe fabrics like jacquards add polished feminine sophistication.
  • A high waist with a big sash creates a great waist.
  • Pleats create the illusion of an hourglass.

Tulle Twill Belted Shorts

If You’re Curvy

  • An A-line silhouette makes your legs appear thinner.
  • Think relaxed styles, but not too relaxed. The lower the shorts hang, the more lbs they can pack on your hips.
  • Muted and neutral tones hide bulges and don’t accentuate problem spots.
  • A matching belt highlights the waist without adding bulk or chopping up the torso.

And, ladies, always remember…if you dare wear short shorts, Nair for short shorts…enjoy this commercial circa ‘82.

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2 Responses to “Fab Fridays – You Wear Short Shorts”

  1. Jodi says:

    I love shorts, but I’m more of a shorts and t-shirt kind of girl. The sequin ones remind me of something Richard Simmons would wear – lol! Thanks for the tips!

  2. [...] summer’s minis being major and short shorts seen at more than just backyard BBQs, toned legs are on the scene whether you like it or not. But [...]

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