Fab Fridays – Something Bugging You? Just Brush it Off

May 28th, 2010

Elemis Skin Cactus Bristle Brush

Want to know something gross? Sure you do. A chemical analysis of sweat revealed that it has almost the same constituents as urine, and that more than one pound of waste products are discarded through your skin every day. See? I told you. Gross.

The easiest peasiest way to act sluggish and look horrible is to stop your skin from doing what it’s meant to do—eliminate toxins. The quick fix? Brush away your troubles.

I don’t ask questions because I don’t even pretend to understand biology. Coming from a microbiologist in molecular genetics mom and a cardiovascular physiologist dad (I have NO idea what either does at work, so don’t even ask), you would think I would know something. But alas, just ask my dad about my changing my report card in freshman H.S. biology from a D to a B.

Experts wary of my lack of knowledge on the subject tell me that dry brushing is the way to go for an all-over healthy you. One quick dry brush before your shower, and your entire body (inside and out) will thank you.

What dry brushing does:

  • Stimulates lymph and blood circulation so your skin can rid itself of impurities
  • Relieves congestion (not the nose kind) and improves detox
  • Improves overall feeling of well-being and energy levels
  • Boosts immunity
  • Enhances skin texture and tone (dead skin cells begone; perfect for even self tanner application)
  • Treats ingrown hairs
  • Helps disperse cellulite deposits (oh happy day, no bumpy butt)
  • Revs up near the skin blood flow so that creams can be absorbed better (think cellulite creams)

How to dry brush:

Starting your daily bathing routine before stepping into your bath or shower by lightly massaging your dry body using a circular motion with a bath brush. Begin at the soles or your feet then continue working up the front and back of your legs in an upward direction towards the heart. Start on the hands and arms, including the tummy and back (minus the face, inner thighs and chest). After you’re done, take a nice warm shower.

With brush in hand (queue triumphant music), I will brush away the toxins. I will unclog my lymphatic system. I will improve the detoxification of my skin to unveil a cleaner, more powerful me. Whatever that means.

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