Review: Living Proof You Can Have Good Hair On-the-Go

May 13th, 2010

For some reason our detangler of choice in the bathroom makes my daughter cry. It’s a goop on, wash off cream that works wonders, but it really freaks her out. So horrifying is this process of trying to get her fine hair tanglefree in the bath that we have to put the cream on our hands in the kitchen out-of-sight, then walk into the bathroom and pretend to be simply smoothing her hair lovingly.

After the last bath, when she somehow heard the top open even though I was in the kitchen, and flipped out, I decided no more wet detangling. Only dry stuff from now on.

Enter No Frizz Restyling Spray. It’s the perfect alternative to washing and styling hair from scratch when there’s simply no time (or a screaming face under all that messy hair). And here’s the kicker: it’s for her and me (and my husband, if he would sit still). This new style reviver detangles, reduces static, and adds control with light conditioning and hold. Even better, it features that crazy new invention PolyfluoroEster to tame frizzies and protect it from the damaging effects of humidity.

Now, we have an instant style-saver for the entire fam (haven’t tried it on the new puppy yet).  It makes hair malleable enough to start fresh and is a great choice for me-on-the-go or for daughter fighting early-morning bed-head hair woes.

So we have the hair issue solved. Now if only we could use her super hearing powers for good instead of evil.

What’s your bad hair day go-to secret? Leave a comment and let me know!

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