Fab Fridays – Top 8 Fitness Tips For Being Beach Ready

May 14th, 2010

The countdown to bikini season is on. OK, maybe not bikini. For me it’s a tankini. Sometimes a martini. But that’s neither here nor there. Either way, chances are you’ve let yourself slide a bit over winter, what with all the comfy sweaters and comfort food.

Now’s the time to jump-start your metabolism and be beach body ready in time for summer! Whether your weapon of choice is a bikini, tankini or shorts and a tank, Group Fitness Director of Equinox Boston’s Franklin Street location, Kimmel Yeager, gives 8 hot tips to prepare your body for the summer sizzle.

Here are her guidelines to get the most from your spring workouts:

  1. Try something new! Your body and your metabolism will love a little shock after the monotony of the long winter. Try a new class at your gym or take up a new outdoor sport such as softball or beach volleyball.
  2. Pilates is the perfect exercise regiment for long, lean muscles, increased flexibility, and to get in shape for summer sports like tennis and golf. Pilates is the art of using, strengthening and controlling each individual muscle of your core, so you can whittle your middle while strengthening it at the same time.
  3. Go for a total body burn. High intensity, metabolic conditioning is great for max calorie burn. It’ll get you sweaty, work every muscle in your body, and help rev your metabolic engine all at the same time. If classes aren’t your thing, you can achieve this same thing through a circuit training routine that incorporates a high intensity cardio move like a burpee with a compound movement like squats with
    overhead press.
  4. When its time get your cardio in, choose exercises that will pay off in that bathing suit. I love boxing with my trainer and boxing classes because not only does my heart rate sky rocket, the definition and strength I get in my arms for the impact of the heavy bag is an awesome added bonus. On my own there’s nothing as killer as the StairMill and Versa Climber. The tone you get in your legs and buttocks is well worth the 20-30minutes!
  5. Kettlebell movements allow you to use momentum instead of fighting it, so you can use more weight with less risk of injury. Exercises such as swings work your entire body and help build strength quickly, while also boosting your heart rate to burn the most calories possible. Exercises such as windmills and the Russian twist work your core helping shape and define you just in time for bathing suit season. But be careful. To get the proper form always use a kettlebell with a certified personal trainer or in a class with a trained instructor.
  6. Commitment is key. It’s so hard when the weather gets nice, and happy hours outside call your name to stay true to your commitment to the gym. You must stay focused on getting your workouts in. So ask yourself, what can you change in your schedule to make sure you get your workouts in? Can you do more workouts outside to get the best of both worlds? Whatever you choose, remember to stay focused and committed and you’lll thank yourself later!
  7. Feed your body! Especially in the summer people tend to drastically cut calories in an effort to lose those extra few pounds. Remember though you need to feed your body just like your would oil an engine. Drastically cutting calories can lead to anything from irritability, to fatigue to a slowed metabolism. So keep your metabolism running by filling up on lots of lean protein, fruits, vegetables and carbohydrates such as whole grains.
  8. HAVE FUN! The summer is all about having fun and enjoying life. So whatever you choose to do, embrace it with your whole being, make it your own, and have a good time doing it! For those days when I need to just smile I choose a dance class with my favorite instructor or a long hike with my dog. Two very different activities but both leave me smiling ear to ear!

What do you plan on doing to get ready for bathing suit season? Let me know in a comment!

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