Tuesday Newsday – Cutting Your Cholesterol

April 6th, 2010

(Note: One large egg has 213 mg of cholesterol. How many Easter eggs did you eat on Sunday?)

Everyone has their own health “thing.” Some people have to watch their weight. Some are watching their cholesterol. Some their blood pressure. Then there are those people who have to watch those who have to watch their weight, their cholesterol or their blood pressure. I’m the latter.

For years, I’ve had to watch what I cook for my husband. He’s in no way in any actual trouble with his cholesterol, but he was teetering on high numbers. 210, I think at one point. I always had way under 200, not a care in the world. Until we did a recent blood test.

This is one of the only times I’m sad to say I beat my husband. My cholesterol for some reason is 212. Huh? I flipped out. But I exercise! I eat right! I floss!

I can get as angry as I want, but it doesn’t change the numbers. I found something that will. Simple food substitutions, like trading wine for cocktails, walnuts for croutons. Do this and you can trade numbers over 200 for those below.

Want to cut cholesterol without cutting taste? Most people are afraid that “good for my cholesterol” means meals that are joyless (and tasteless). However, a low-cholesterol diet doesn’t have to be all oat bran and tofu. Here are some simple substitutions that you can make to the food you already eat to help fight cholesterol painlessly. Read moreā€¦

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One Response to “Tuesday Newsday – Cutting Your Cholesterol”

  1. Whitney says:

    Just to muddy the waters a bit, this is a really interesting article about the latest studies into the various fats and cholesteral. Turns out it may not be as simple as good cholesterol and bad cholesteral, even.


    An interesting line from page two of the story: “For instance, a piece of white bread smeared with peanut butter may be healthier than a piece of white bread alone.”

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