Happy Easter, Bunny!

April 4th, 2010

Easter at our house goes a little something like this: wake up, find colorful plastic eggs full of candy hidden throughout the house by Easter Bunny, go to church and spend the hour calming child bouncing around on a sugar high, crash (not literally, I hope) on the car ride back home, family arrives, more candy, sugar high, 3 p.m. lamb dinner, crash, dessert, sugar high, crash, everyone goes home, crash after an explanation of why all the candy can’t be eaten today because the Easter Bunny doesn’t want it that way. Phew. Happy Easter.

In between sugar highs and parental lows, we dye eggs. This usually turns in a vinegar smelly mess of color splashes 50% on the eggs, 25% on my daughter, 25% on the table. And the eggs always turn out brown. Why she has to put them in the pink, the yellow and then the blue…I will never know. I stopped asking.

To switch things up a smidge this Easter, we decided to get…achem…eggstra creative with today’s eggs. Here are a few of the techniques we’ll be implementing this afternoon. I’m not guaranteeing they don’t turn out brown though…

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