Tuesday Newsday: How Old is Your Skin?

March 2nd, 2010

It’s my daughter’s third birthday today. I’m not going to get all corny. Oh. Wait. Yes, I am. And I’m not going to cry. Oh. Wait. Yes, I am.

I see how quickly she’s grown from that little squidgy baby who blessed us at 8:19am. How smart she has become. What a loving friend she is to other children and our pets. How she has a ridiculous sense of humor that just blows me away with how clever it is.

She’s also become quite beautiful (it was questionable in the beginning…I won’t lie…she went through a strong curmudgeon blockhead stage). Her eyes are this swirly gray/blue/green/brown/gold shade. I can’t describe it, but I could spend hours looking into them…if she would just sit still. Her hair is this fascinating natural prism of blonde and brown. I love running my fingers through it…as she’s running by. And the years are flying by so quickly. I can’t believe it. So fast.

This reminded me of an amazing article I found on the topic of beauty as we age. How taking care of yourself early in life can translate into beauty at an old age. Little things, like don’t smoke, shun the sun, stop squinting. Great lessons in simple beauty for your entire life, quite frankly. Simple beauty. Just like my daughter. There I go again. Corny and crying.

If you’ve ever seen one of those wrinkle time-lapse videos — on TV or online — then you know how scary it can be to watch a face age. Even more disconcerting is waking up one morning, taking a glance in the mirror, and seeing what looks like “instant aging” — lines and wrinkles that seem to appear over night. To help you safely get started on your journey to the fountain of youth, WebMD asked several experts to help us prepare the following timeline of how the face ages — and what you can do, both on your own and with the help of your doctor, every step of the way. Read on…

How do you think your skin fares in the age-war? Let me know in a comment!

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