Fab Fridays: Top Five Brow Basics

March 5th, 2010

Easy Peasy is excited to have Shyema Azam, founder of Beauty and the Feast blog, as a guest blogger today. She helps you make your eyes the prize with the Top 5 Basics for great brows.

Don’t underestimate the power of good brows – they make all the difference in your look and expression. Just think back at last year’s frightening ‘no brow’ trend that successfully made people look almost mechanical. It wasn’t pretty.

We turned to brow expert, Salma Khadri, owner of The Eyebrow Place in Hoboken, NJ, for her best tips on maintaining beautiful brows:

1)   Find your shape. “If it’s the first time you’re getting your eyebrows shaped, check what shape suits your face best,” Khadri says. “You should have your own signature eyebrow shape according to your face.”  Simply coveting the next person’s perfect brows doesn’t mean they’ll look great on you. Remember, shaping an eyebrow is totally different than cleaning up an eyebrow. As a starting point, consider getting them professionally threaded first, and then maintain the shape on your own. “A professional should be able to distinguish not only the right shape for you, but one that’s easy for you to keep up.”

2)   Do a background check. When looking for a beautician to do your brows, ask for referrals from friends whose brows you admire. When you go to the salon, make sure you check if they specialize in brows (that it’s not just one of their by-the-way services). Also inquire about how much experience they have in shaping brows.

3)   How often should you get your brows done? Depends on your hair growth, but every 2-3 weeks after you get them first waxed or threaded is a good gauge. Tweeze stray hairs in the mean time and don’t try to shape them too much if you’re not stealthy with the tools.

4)   Don’t overdo it. “This is the most common mistake I see people do – over tweezing, or over-waxing their brows until they’re a thin line.” Put your tweezers away. The more hair you have to work with, the easier it is to shape them. Areas to be extra careful of: the top of the eyebrows, and the start of your eyebrow, closest to the bridge of your nose. “People tend to overpluck around these areas the most.”

5) I went to a professional and she messed my eyebrows up. Help! It can happen – you go to a salon, and your overzealous stylist goes a little overboard. “If someone messes up your brows, don’t panic – be innovative,” Khadri advises. Place an eyebrow stencil (like Anastasia’s brow stencils) over your brow, then dip an eyebrow brush in an eye shadow a little lighter than your hair color to fill it in. “It will accentuate your brows without looking tacky and it’s a great temporary solution until your hair grows back!”

If you don’t feel adept enough to use an eyebrow stencil, Khadri suggests using khol liner to line your eyes and bring the focus back on your peepers in the mean time — don’t forget your mascara!

Shyema Azam is a NYC-based writer and founder of beauty and food blog, Beauty and the Feast. She also currently freelances for Marie Claire, TruthInAging.com and AOL. You can also follow Shyema on Twitter @BeautyNDFeast.

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