Tuesday Newsday – Naked Nails

February 2nd, 2010

With all the fashion insanity and crazy-hot styles on the Grammy runway (space age Lady Gaga in an Armani Privé dress, Beyonce’s Atelier Versace leather, another “???” Brittany fashion), it’s almost a catch-your-breath moment to think back to the comparatively almost-tame SAG Awards a few weeks ago. Lovely starlets came together to pat each other on the back for jobs well done. And this year, they did it with hands sporting naked nails.

I thought only busy moms didn’t put polish on their nails. It’s gotten to the point that if I have any color on at all, I feel overdressed (even if I’ve donned yoga pants and a tee for the day).

One of my favorites sites to stalk…I mean, follow, Bellasugar.com, saw it all on the SAG’s Red Carpet. Or she saw nothing. Depends on how you see it…

Manicures? What manicures? At the Screen Actors Guild Awards, more than a dozen stars showed up with barely anything — if anything — on their nails. Lack of lacquer doesn’t mean they looked less polished. Quite the contrary. Well-groomed, naked nails can be just as cool as an elaborately painted set. Read on to see the looks…


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One Response to “Tuesday Newsday – Naked Nails”

  1. Jodi says:

    I actually said “Yes!” out loud when I read “It’s gotten to the point that if I have any color on at all, I feel overdressed.” Thanks for the validation :-) I used to be the type who wouldn’t take out the trash without polish, and now I feel like color is bit “too much.” I tend to go for a french for events. Boring, I suppose!

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