Tuesday Newsday: Meditating for Mom-aste

February 23rd, 2010

I love little girls. That’s good because I have one. And well, I was one. What’s fascinating is their ability to go from sweet to psycho to sweet in 6 seconds flat.

It might be argued that they never lose this insta-freak out ability. Wonder why. I mean, life is constantly Pleasantville, right? Wrong.

Here’s a great excerpt from Rebecca Pacheco of The World According to OmGal, with easy ways to incorporate your own self-imposed time-outs. Momaste.

If you’ve ever had the feeling of being completely absorbed in a particular activity, from throwing a fastball to watching the steady flicker of a campfire, you intrinsically possess the skills needed to slow down your thoughts. Meditation, when done regularly, trains your brain to become quiet. I should mention that you won’t stop thinking all together, nor is that the goal; however, you will eventually find serene spaces between your thoughts. In these spaces, you will discover previously unimagined levels of restfulness, peace, and balance.

Here’s how: Sit comfortably; crossed-legged on the floor or upright in a chair are easy options to start. Set an alarm, egg timer, or stopwatch for 5 minutes (you can increase duration as your focus improves). Close your eyes. Rest your hands in your lap. You might also try yoga mudra (thumb and pointer finger touch, rest the backs of your hands on your knees, palms face upward).

Whenever you get distracted, antsy, bored, irritated, or tired, return to the steady flow of your breathing. A helpful tip is to count your breaths, one at a time, without breaking your focus or sequence. Be sure to sit up tall, and let your hands anchor your attention.
On-the-go aromatherapy: This method of achieving stillness or, at the very least, a brief reprieve from your hectic head games is incredibly simple. Invest in a few essential oils (available at Whole Foods) that prompt you to breathe deeply, smile, or hearken back to a childhood spent running through grassy meadows, filled with rainbows and bunnies . . . you get the idea. I recommend lavender, or if that seems too feminine, try rosemary or sandalwood. I love peppermint as well, but bear in mind, peppermint is a lively scent that, while calming, has more awakening properties than the others. Feel free to use it, although it might be better suited for the daytime, when you need an energy boost. Simply open the tiny jar or vile in your car, and leave it uncapped in the cupholder while on carpool duty or en route to a big meeting. Placing drop in one palm and rubbing your hands together also works. Before bed, try dabbing one drop on each temple. Your sense of scent is powerful, capable of transporting you to other places and times. Pick a few fragrances that trigger an instant unwinding in your brain- the way fresh cut grass does or the smell of the ocean. Use as needed.

For more from Omgal on meditating, read on…


Do you have a special way to relax? Please let me know with a comment below!

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2 Responses to “Tuesday Newsday: Meditating for Mom-aste”

  1. Mary says:

    And don’t we all need a little more OM in our lives. Namaste, sister.

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