Keeping it Together During the Holidays

December 11th, 2009


I came down the stairs a few nights ago, ready to hit the town for festive nog (and maybe some mistletoe smooches). My outfit: a white gauzy top with sexy black skinny pants and silver cage booties.

My husband looked at me and asked, “Cold?”

“No, I’ll be OK. Thanks,” I replied.

“No,” he said, pointing at me. “Cold?”

I looked down and they there were. The girls. Pointing back. I had just spent an hour putting together this outfit. There were piles of discarded runners-up all over the bedroom floor. Now I had to start over with something less…less…pointy. Needless to say, I had a meltdown that aided in the removal of the snow on our front stoop.

Sometimes holiday breakdowns have nothing to with the overflow of emotions during these whirlwind days. And these catastrophic events are never perfectly timed. Sometimes they occur hours before leaving for a much-anticipated holiday party. Sometimes it’s two minutes before the babysitter arrives to watch the little one during a much-needed date night.

These outbursts usually revolve around a bra strap that won’t stay in place. A shirt sheerer than you thought. Heels you’ve decided will hobble you if you’re left standing for any period of time, but are the only ones that go with your outfit.

On a night where you’re supposed to be carefree (babysitter, check; amazingly hot outfit, check; perfect makeup, check), there’s no room for little glitches. So I’ve discovered a few things to keep your plans in check, as well as your mind in focus and your outfit…well…looking amazingly hot.

If there’s something you don’t want to stick out at a party, it’s your nipples. There are several sticky (don’t worry…very comfortably sticky) covers out there (I use Sugar Plum Petals). Look for reusable ones, as they tend to stay put a little better.

Since this isn’t a play date, a shopping run or a tumble class, it’s time to bring out the big guns—the sky-high heels. Check out Dr. Scholl’s for Her High Heels. The old doc really knows how to massage women’s feet.

When I saw a photo of myself from the last party we went to, standing next to a woman with a set of pearly really-whites, I promised myself the next time I would be the one blinding them with my smile. Of course I forgot, until three hours before leaving for the next shindig. Which is where a quick fix helps in the nick of time. Most companies like Rembrandt have two-hour systems, but since I don’t fancy goopy trays, I used the Luster 1 Hour White At-Home Light System.

And when everything seems to be falling apart all at once, Miss Oops has you covered…literally. I’ve been relying on them for years with deodorant stain erasers, mishap tape and my favorite…the boob tube.

See? It doesn’t take a miracle to pull everything together (and keep it there) for holiday parties. Just a little help from The Beauty Powers That Be. And, if you have the time, check out my Today’s Diet is Tomorrow’s Tummy for tips on trimming your waist a few days before a big event. That way no worries about fitting into the perfect LBD. Save worry for when you realize that your husband isn’t wearing what you want him to. That’s a whole other conversation.

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4 Responses to “Keeping it Together During the Holidays”

  1. Becca says:

    I love the suggestions, but I’d also love to see a picture of the silver-cage booties. They sound fabulous!

  2. Cheryl says:

    becca, thanks for your comment. a photo of said booties on its way for a holiday splash. stay tuned!

  3. Jodi says:

    Love it! I just know that now I’m going to accidently read “while visions of sugar plum *petals* danced in their heads” this Christmas Eve. I bet Clement C. Moore will turn over in his grave! Great tips! (pardon the pun) ;-)

  4. Peggy says:

    Awesome!! I’m cracking up! Those “girls” do have minds of their own don’t they?

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